Open a shared file in read/write mode for a particular username and keep the other users permission

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I am working on a VBA that access a shared excel file to check if the file is used by someone else or not. By that time VBA should not allow other users to access the file in edit mode they should open it in read-only mode if they already opened the file as well. Basically, while I am accessing the same file from the shared path, if it is locked for editing by someone else then this VBA should forcefully change to read-write mode to give edit access to me. And the VBA should allow the other users to open the same file in read-only mode. Once I completed my editing and closed VBA should release the restriction to the other users. Any help on this will appreciated.

Sub wkbk_open() wkbk_name = "Project List LIVE.xlsm" wkbk_lock_file_path = "X:\~$" & wkbk_name Set objFSO = CreateObject("Scripting.FileSystemObject") If objFSO.FileExists(wkbk_lock_file_path) Then Debug.Print "The file is locked by " & GetFileOwner(wkbk_lock_file_path) Debug.Print "The file is locked by " & GetFileOwner2(wkbk_lock_file_path) Else Debug.Print "The file is available" End If End Sub Function GetFileOwner(strFileName) 'http://www.vbsedit.com/scripts/security/ownership/scr_1386.asp Set objWMIService = GetObject("winmgmts:") Set objFileSecuritySettings = _ objWMIService.Get("Win32_LogicalFileSecuritySetting='" & strFileName & "'") intRetVal = objFileSecuritySettings.GetSecurityDescriptor(objSD) If intRetVal = 0 Then GetFileOwner = objSD.Owner.Name Else GetFileOwner = "Unknown" End If End Function Function GetFileOwner2(strFileName) As String 'On Error Resume Next Dim secUtil As Object Dim secDesc As Object Set secUtil = CreateObject("ADsSecurityUtility") Set secDesc = secUtil.GetSecurityDescriptor(strFileName, 1, 1) GetFileOwner2 = secDesc.Owner End Function



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