React Native: Hook Child State to Parent's State using Context


I'm trying to rerender {userNumbers} in <em>ChildScreen</em>. I managed to add userNumbers state in <em>Home</em>, but it doesn't rerender the text.


import { createContext } from 'react'; export const UserContext = createContext(null);


import React from 'react'; import { createStackNavigator } from '@react-navigation/stack'; import { UserContext } from "../contexts/UserContext"; import ChildScreen from "ChildScreen"; const Stack = createStackNavigator(); export default function Home() { const [state, dispatch] = React.useReducer((prevState, action) => { switch (action.type) { case 'ADD_USER': return { ...prevState, users: state.users + action.newUsers }; } }, { users: 0 }); const userContext = React.useMemo( () => ({ addUsers: async data => { dispatch({ type: 'ADD_USER', newUsers: data.newUsers }); }, userNumbers: state.users }), [] ); return ( <UserContext.Provider value={userContext}> <Stack.Navigator> <Stack.Screen name="ChildScreen" component={ChildScreen} /> </Stack.Navigator> </UserContext> ) }


import React from 'react'; import { View, Text } from 'react-native'; import { TouchableWithoutFeedback } from 'react-native-gesture-handler'; import { UserContext } from "../contexts/UserContext"; export default function ChildScreen() { const { addUsers, userNumbers } = React.useContext(UserContext); render ( <View><Text>{userNumbers}</Text></View> <TouchableWithoutFeedback onPress={() => { addUsers({newUsers: 999)}) }> <Text>Add 999 Users</Text> </TouchableWithoutFeedback> ) }

You need to re-create the userContext value when state.users change by adding state.users as a dependency to useMemo otherwise you context value will keep holding the same reference of value and will note trigger change for any listeners

const userContext = React.useMemo( () => ({ addUsers: data => { dispatch({ type: 'ADD_USER', newUsers: data.newUsers }); }, userNumbers: state.users }), [state.users] // Add a dependency here so that user update changes reference );

Also you should define your reducer to be pure, i.e it shouldn't use state from closure

const [state, dispatch] = React.useReducer((prevState, action) => { switch (action.type) { case 'ADD_USER': return { ...prevState, users: prevState.users + action.newUsers // use prevState here }; } }, { users: 0 });

P.S. You need not define addUsers function to be async. dispatch happens asynchronously but requires a re-render to take effect and you need not wait on it


You need to re-evaluate useContext on state.users change:

const userContext = React.useMemo( () => ({ //... userNumbers: state.users, }), [state.users] );



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