terraform: create list based on resource count


We have a bunch of instances (I know... cattle, not pets, but in this case, these are really pets)

resource "aws_instance" "read_00" { count = "${var.read_00_count}" resource "aws_instance" "read_01" { count = "${var.read_01_count}"

And we have an ELB where we want to dynamically add the instances based on their count variable, like so:

resource "aws_elb" "read_slaves" { instances = ["${aws_instance.read_.*.id}"]

But that doesn't work, of course.

Is it possible to dynamically create a list of instance ids ONLY if their count is not zero?

I know this goes against the grain, but if this is possible, that would be awesome.


With Terraform 0.12 that will be much easier, but for now something like this would do:

[...] resource "aws_instance" "read_01" { [...] count = "${var.read_01_count}" tags { Role = "read_slave" } } data "aws_instances" "read-slaves" { instance_tags { Role = "read_slave" } // optional filters } resource "aws_elb" "read_slaves" { instances = ["${data.aws_instances.read-slaves.ids}"] listener { ... } }


<ul><li>tagging each instance which acts as a read slave</li> <li>collect the list of aws_intances</li> <li>create the aws_elb based on the collected data</li> </ul>



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