File Upload Control Session does not remove after remove file from list

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I had frustrated for a few week for this issue,

How can I do session for this Multiple File Upload

if (Session["FileUpload1"] == null && FileUploadQ2.HasFile) { Session["FileUpload1"] = FileUploadQ2; foreach (HttpPostedFile file in FileUploadQ2.PostedFiles) { listofuploadedfiles.Text += String.Format("

<font color='black'>" + file.FileName + "</font><a class='close'><font color='red'>x</font><a>" + "

"); } } else if (Session["FileUpload1"] != null && (!FileUploadQ2.HasFile)) { FileUploadQ2 = (FileUpload)Session["FileUpload1"]; } else if(FileUploadQ2.HasFile) { Session["FileUpload1"] = FileUploadQ2; }


As @VDWWD pointed out, you should not store files in the Session object - store them on disk instead. Below you can find fast implementation of that feature.

<pre class="lang-cs prettyprint-override"> public interface IFileStorage { Task UploadFile(string fileName, Stream fileContent); void TryRemoveFile(string fileName, out bool fileRemoved); void GetFile(string fileName); } public class FileSystemStorage : IFileStorage { private readonly PhysicalFileProvider _fileProvider; private readonly ILogger<FileSystemStorage>_logger; public FileSystemStorage(IFileProvider fileProvider, ILogger<FileSystemStorage> logger) { _fileProvider = (PhysicalFileProvider)fileProvider; _logger = logger; } public void GetFile(string fileName) { throw new NotImplementedException(); } public void TryRemoveFile(string fileName, out bool fileRemoved) { try { RemoveFile(fileName); fileRemoved = true; } catch(Exception ex) { _logger.LogError($"Couldnt remove file {fileName}: {ex.ToString()}" ); fileRemoved = false; } } public async Task UploadFile(string fileName, Stream fileContent) { var filePath = Path.Combine(_fileProvider.Root, fileName); if (_fileProvider.GetFileInfo(filePath).Exists) throw new ArgumentException("Given file already exists!"); _logger.LogInformation($"Saving file to: {filePath}.."); using (Stream file = File.Create(filePath)) { await fileContent.CopyToAsync(file); file.Flush(); } _logger.LogInformation($"File: {filePath} saved successfully."); } }

In Startup.cs, ConfigureServices method add below lines to inject FileSystemStorage:

IFileProvider physicalProvider = new PhysicalFileProvider(Path.Combine(Directory.GetCurrentDirectory(), "AppData")); services.AddSingleton<IFileProvider>(physicalProvider); services.AddTransient<IFileStorage, FileSystemStorage>();

Then in your controller constructor obtain the FileSystemStorage instance.



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