Use Case for Database and akka actors


I have certain design issues. I can not change the main class and it's like the following:

object Main { ... implicit val schema = "schema" implicit val db= Database.forURL("url") val impl = new ImplA() val implB = new ImplB() system.actorOf(ActorA.props(impl, implB)) }

The implementation classes are like:

class ImplA(implicit val schema: String, db: Database) { val queryA = TableQuery[STable] def getData() = { ... db.run(query) } } class ImplB(implicit val schema: String, db: Database) { val queryB = TableQuery[BTable] def getDataB() = { ... db.run(query) } }

I am using slick and the table structures are like:

class BTable(tag: Tag)(implicit val schema: String) extends Table[CaseClass](tag, Some(schema), "table") { def a = column[String]("a") def b = column[String]("b") def * = (a,b).shaped <> (CaseClass.tupled, CaseClass.unapply) }

There are two problems that i need to solve:

<ol><li>PROBLEM 1 - I want to take the following lines out of actor and put it in ImplA or ImplB but it is a mixed query. So it i put it in ImplA then implB will not be available. And they are classes.</li> <li>PROBLEM 2-I totally want to eliminate the db and schema from Actor but have a use class where a class which is initialized from inside the actor requies the db implicitly.</li> </ol> class ActorA(implAa: ImplA, implB: ImplB)(implicit db: Database, schema: String) extends Actor { // PROBLEM 1 val query = (for { sc <- implAa c <- implB } yield(sc,c) db.run(query) // PROBLEM 2 new DemoClass(param).methodCall } class DemoClass(param: String)(implicit db: Database) { def methodCall = ... }

Without changing the main class, how can i address the problems? I can change Impls or table class make them trait or object or anything that can solve the issues.



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