How to spy on a default exported function


sinon.spy takes 2 parameters, object and function name.

I have a module as listed below:

module.exports = function xyz() { }

How do I define a spy for xyz? I don't have object name to use.



The above actually doesn't work if you're using the ES6 modules import functionality, If you are I've discovered you can actually spy on the defaults like so.

// your file export default function () {console.log('something here');} // your test import * as someFunction from './someFunction'; spyOn(someFunction, 'default')

As stated in <a href="http://2ality.com/2014/09/es6-modules-final.html#the-default-export-is-just-another-named-export" rel="nofollow">http://2ality.com/2014/09/es6-modules-final.html</a>


The default export is actually just a named export with the special name default


So the import * as someFunction gives you access to the whole module.exports object allowing you to spy on the default.


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