Why is my deferred object set to resolved instead of pending when calling a function that sets a new


I'm trying to get jQuery <a href="http://api.jquery.com/category/deferred-object/" rel="nofollow">deferred</a> to work and am having some problems.

My system is using postMessage to pass messages from and to sandboxed areas on a website. So when I request a service from a sandboxed area like this:

// on click of button foo.requestService(options, function (response) { $("#c").val(response); // set value of input button }

Internally, I'm creating a new $.deferred every time the button is clicked and the service is requested like so:

that.requestService = $.fn.requestService = function (options, callbackFunction) { var deferred = new $.Deferred(), callbackId = priv.generateUuid(), callback = deferred; // store callback to be retrieved by response handler priv.trackCallback(callbackId, callback, callbackFunction); // set type if (options.type === undefined) { options.type = "request/any"; } // the callback function to be run, once a postMessage // with the response is received deferred.done(function(result, callbackFunction) { if (callbackFunction) { callbackFunction(result); } }); // trigger messaging window.top.postMessage(options, window.location.href); };

All works well, I can request my sandboxed service, run it, postMessage the result and retrieve the respective callback:

priv.returnResult = function (event) { // here I get back the deferred (callback[0]) and callback function (callback[1]) var callback = priv.retrieveCallback(event.data.callback); // problem = the callback stays resolved after the first function call console.log(callback[0].state()); callback[0].resolve(event.data.result, callback[1]); };

My problem is, although I'm creating a **new** $.Deferred every time a service is requested, my deferred object only runs the first time and then is set to resolved, preventing any further function calls to return a result.

I thought a new $.Deferred would generate a new deferred every time a service is requested, which I can resolve to run my callback function.

<strong>Question</strong><br /> What do I need to do to get this to work? Is it not, that <strong>new</strong> creates a <strong>new</strong> object, which I can resolve? Do I have to somehow delete/remove the previous resolved.deferred object in order to make it work?



Found a snippet extending jQuery deferred to handle "multiple deferred setters and resolvers":

$.extend({ StatelessDeferred: function () { var doneList = $.Callbacks("memory"), promise = { done: doneList.add, // Get a promise for this deferred // If obj is provided, the promise aspect is added to the object promise: function (obj) { var i, keys = ['done', 'promise']; if (obj === undefined) { obj = promise; } else { for (i = 0; i < keys.length; i += 1) { obj[keys[i]] = promise[keys[i]]; } } return obj; } }, deferred = promise.promise({}); deferred.resolveWith = doneList.fireWith; deferred.resolve = doneList.fire; // All done! return deferred; } });


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