post multi-select list to list of objects asp.net core 2


I have two classes called User and Role. User is like this

class User{ ... public List<Role> Roles; }

and Role is like this

class Role{ ... public int ID; public string Name; }

now I have an action (Submit)

public IActionResult Submit(User user){ ... }

in my index.cshtml select is

<select multiple="multiple" class="multi-select" id="my_multi_select1" asp-for="Roles" asp-items="ViewBag.Roles"></select>

and ViewBag.Roles value is

ViewBag.Roles= new SelectList(Role.SelectAll(), "Name", "Name");

the problem is that when I post my form, data is sent like this ...&Roles=role1,role2&... and so user.Roles becomes null while I want to make two Roles with names role1 and role2 and assign them to user.Roles (Actually I want Asp does that)


The Select Tag Helper asp-for specifies the model property name for the select element and asp-items specifies the option elements(a collection of SelectListItem ),rather than object collection.

1.Add a ViewModel with a List as the property for your dropdown items.

public class UserViewModel { public int Id { get; set; } public string Name { get; set; } public List<int> Roles { get; set; } }

2.In.cshtml file select like below

@model PostMultiSelect.Models.UserViewModel <select multiple="multiple" class="multi-select" id="my_multi_select1" asp-for="@Model.Roles" asp-items="(List<SelectListItem>)ViewBag.Roles"></select>

3.The value of ViewBag.Roles like below, get the Roles with RoleId

ViewBag.Roles = _context.Roles.Select(r=>new SelectListItem { Value=r.ID.ToString(),Text=r.Name}).ToList();

If you want to get Roles with name ,you could change "<em>Value=r.ID.ToString()</em>" to"<em>Value=r.Name</em>"


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