Troubleshooting friendly_id w/ Rails 4: working as expected in rails console, getting RecordNotFound


I've been successfully using friendly_id with multiple models in my Rails 4 app. I previously had two models that I've decided to combine (Terminals and Locations). The Terminals show action was previously working with friendly_id, where I could visit /terminals/albany and get the Terminal with the slug 'albany'.

I've gone through the bulk of the refactor to condense down to just Locations, and am on the last piece (fixing views). Along the way I've been testing things in Rails Console and using rspec, and things seem to work as expected. There are other models that still work as expected as well.

Now that I'm working on the new show page for Locations, I'm getting the following error when attempting to visit /locations/albany:

ActiveRecord::RecordNotFound in LocationsController#show Couldn't find Location with id=albany

However, when I visit /locations/5, it successfully loads the record. It also works in Rails Console:

Location.find(5) # returns the correct location object Location.find(5).slug # returns 'albany' Location.friendly.find('albany') # returns the correct location object

When I look at the generated slugs in Rails dbconsole, they all look like they were generated correctly and there are no duplicates.

Here's my model:

Class Location < ActiveRecord::Base extend FriendlyId friendly_id :slug_candidates, use: [:slugged, :history] def slug_candidates [ :name, [:name, :zip], [:name, :zip, :location_type], ] end end

And here's my show action in my controller:

def show @locations = Location.friendly.find(params[:id]) end

I'm stumped! Any hints?


have you tried adding :finders?

friendly_id :slug_candidates, use: [:slugged, :history, :finders]


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