How to access “overridden” inner class in Scala?


I have two traits, one extending the other, each with an inner class, one extending the other, with the same names:

trait A { class X { def x() = doSomething() } } trait B extends A { class X extends super.X { override def x() = doSomethingElse() } } class C extends B { val x = new X() // here B.X is instantiated val y = new A.X() // does not compile val z = new A.this.X() // does not compile }

How do I access A.X class in the C class's body? Renaming B.X not to hide A.X is not a preferred way.

To make things a bit complicated, in the situation I have encountered this problem the traits have type parameters (not shown in this example).


trait A { class X { def x() = "A.X" } } trait B extends A { class X extends super.X { override def x() = "B.X" } } class C extends B { val self = this:A val x = new this.X() val y = new self.X() } scala> val c = new C c: C = C@1ef4b scala> c.x.x res0: java.lang.String = B.X scala> c.y.x res1: java.lang.String = A.X


For those interested in this exotic issue, I have discovered it works also as a return value of a function. Since my traits A and B have type parameters, it should lead to more concise code:

trait A[T, U, V] { class X { def x() = "A.X" } def a = this:A[T, U, V] } trait B[T, U, V] extends A[T, U, V] { class X extends super.X { override def x() = "B.X" } } class C extends B[SomeClass, SomeOtherClass, ThirdOne] { val aVerbose = this:A[SomeClass, SomeOtherClass, ThirdOne] // works but is a bit ugly val aConcise = a val x = new this.X() val y = new aVerbose.X() val z = new aConcise.X() } scala> val c = new C() c: C = C@1e852be scala> c.x.x() res2: java.lang.String = B.X scala> c.y.x() res3: java.lang.String = A.X scala> c.z.x() res4: java.lang.String = A.X


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