Set cookies in configuration using PHP


I'd like to print a document with PDFreactor using PHP.

Unfortunately, the document generation fails when specifying cookies in the configuration. Leaving out the cookies line prints our login page - with is correct as the page displays a login screen if no session cookie could be identified.

$config = array( "document"=> "http://localhost", "logLevel"=> LogLevel::DEBUG, "javaScriptMode" => JavaScriptMode::ENABLED_TIME_LAPSE, "enableDebugMode" => true, "cookies" => array("sid" => "abcdefghijklmno")//<-- problematic line );

Could anybody verify that cookie passing fails with PHP or give advice about the correct syntax?


The issue is caused by a mistake in the syntax of your cookie configuration. The correct syntax would be:

$config = array( "document"=> "http://localhost", "logLevel"=> LogLevel::DEBUG, "javaScriptMode" => JavaScriptMode::ENABLED_TIME_LAPSE, "enableDebugMode" => true, "cookies" => array( array("key" => "sid", "value" => "abcdefghijklmno") // <-- corrected ) );

For multiple cookies:

"cookies" => array( array("key" => "cookiename1", "value" => "cookievalue1"), array("key" => "cookiename2", "value" => "cookievalue2") )


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