Collecting data into one text file maintaining the original directory name, for loop, bash

I have a random folders names structure directories as below:Main_directory |__folder1 | |__file.txt | |__Case4 | |__file.txt | |__setup0 | |__file.txt | |__Case3 | |__file.txtEach file.txt has one value e.g. -300. I

How Can I Make My Enemys Projectile Attack The Player Where Ever The Player Moves?

I have an enemy that shoots projectiles but only shoots to the right I want it to shoot at the player with any position I don't know how to do that heres a vid what I have done so fare if you could walk me throw the steps on how to do it that would be gr

how to reduce the size of png image in pdf (compress png in pdf)

I want to reduce the size of pdf file by replacing the high-resolution image with a lower-resolution image. To complete the issue, I have to:extract the images(streams) from pdfcompress the imagesreplace the images(streams) in the pdf with compressed imag

IVirtualButtonEventHandler interface not implementing in Unity

I am working with virtual buttons in my unity vuforia project but i keep getting these errors. All examples I have seen show that the code is fine. Assets\DataFiles\Scripts\VirtualButtonScript.cs(27,34): error CS0246: The type or namespace name 'Virt

How to Call Partial View with Asp.Net Mvc

I need to search on the database, and load only the View, and not refresh the entire page. A function in Js calls my method on the controller, when clicking on search, and the controller returns the View.function Pesquisa(){ let campo = document.getEleme

How to change gfortran version

I am using Bellhop ray tracing algorithm for MacOS. I have downloaded the source code for MacOS without the binaries. I want to change my gfortran version from 9.2.0 to 8.3.0. I installed it using homebrew. I have version 9.2.0 installed. I have it insta

Issue to Upload video file from android device to SpringBoot Rest API

I am stuck to achieve below functionality in android actually I dont have much working experience in android new APIs (API 29)1- Picked video from gallery, it gave me URI and I created IputeStreamRequestBody as per this threadHere is my code for that:pub

Create text input bar always pinned to bottom

I'm trying to create a Row widget that will be pinned to the bottom always like the below screenshot. I currently have a large container containing text (open to changing this to a card) followed by smaller cards which are scrollable. I would like to pin

Flutter: Change status bar color in iOS

I want to change status bar color with package:flutter/services.dart package but it doesn't work. I am using Mac and iOS simulator:Mojave 10.14.6iOS 12.2 simulator / XrFlutter 1.9.1+hotfix.2Tools • Dart 2.5.0import 'package:flutter/material.dart';impor

Mvc.ExceptionHandling.AbpExceptionFilter - No Component found

this is a follow-up question to the one posted here earlier today InvalidCastException on an LDAP implementation in ASP Boilerplate as suggested by just.another.programmer I seem to be running into another issue this time having no component supported as

how to reduce the size of png image in pdf (compress png in pdf)

I want to reduce the size of pdf file by replacing the high-resolution image with a lower-resolution image. To complete the issue, I have to:extract the images(streams) from pdfcompress the imagesreplace the images(streams) in the pdf with compressed imag

TypeError: this is not a function

I have the following 2 files root/functions/util/constants.js and root/functions/handlers/images.js. The following are their source codeimages.jsconst path = require("path");const os = require("os");const sharp = require('sharp');const fs = require(

Converting a nested decode into equivalent CASE statement (needed for conversion from Oracle to Post

I am on Oracle I have a nested DECODE statement that I need to convert into CASE statement. Can someone help on it. I am not sure of how it is done and in fact I don't fully understand the logic of it. If someone can explain what it basically i

Mapping a list to a dictionary

I have this class:class ClassFrom{ public int Id { get; set; } public string Foo { get; set; } public string Bar { get; set; }}I want to map it into this, with the Id property becoming the dictionary's key:class ClassTo{ public string Foo { g

CORS error when using await import() with Google API

Why I get a CORS error:Access to script at '' from origin 'null' has been blocked by CORS policy: No 'Access-Control-Allow-Origin' header is present on the requested resource.When I try to import dynamically Go

ASP.NET Core: Is it possible to use HttpClient to fetch a file and return directly?

I have an internal API that would fetch and return a fileresult. However, this API does not have any concept of authentication/role/permission checks and cannot be modified to do so.I would like to create an web API endpoint on an existing ASP.NET Core 2

raise UnknownBackendException embed_video.backends.UnknownBackendException

I am making my website using django-embed-video package of django.Since I'm thinking about starting with a configuration that is as simple as possible, I made a website only index.html, then I installed django-embed-video.Then I added following code base

How to create “likes count” Cloud Firestore aggregate function?

I am newb to firebase, I want to create an aggregate function for the likes count.I have three root collection: feeds, likes, and users.feeds have the following fields:description: likeCount:title: use

How should I export multiple groups of classes/interfaces from a package

I have a typescript package where I have 2 groups of classes/interfaces: writeAPI and readAPI.Both API's have identically named classes, for example there is a writable 'Node' and a readable 'Node'.I would like to prevent to add the group in the name

How to check if all items in list of RGB colors is in an image without a loop?

Say I have a list of RGB values as follows:rgbL = [[20 45 40] [30 45 60] .... [70 50 100]]Then, I have an image say, img = cv.imread("location")Now, I want to change ALL RGB values of an image into (255, 0, 0) if the image RGB value is IN my list of RGB

java.lang.IncompatibleClassChangeError: class org.objectweb.asm.tree.ClassNode has interface org.obj

I am getting the following exception when running swagger2. I read online that this is usually due to referencing multiple different versions of the same jar. However, I only found one version of org.ow2.asm:asm:5.0.3 in my gradle jar folder. I also ran

When zooming In HTML Element get misplaced

Tried the whole day of yesterday to make my page responsive when Zooming In but can't achieve it.Even added height and weight but still mixing up elements when zooming in the page.I searched many web page and tried each of them but still can't achieve i

How to make an image move through a pyglet window?

I am trying to make an animation using pyglet. So first I tried a simple animation, moving the image in a strait line. Idealy I would like it to bounce around from left to right.Here is my code:import pygletdef center_image(image): """Sets an image

Get file size from folder by filter

I'm using wanna ask how I can get the file size for each file by filter?I wanna get all the size of .ts fileshere's the code I'm usingDim TotalSize As Long = 0Sub FileSize() Dim TheSize As Long = GetDirSize(txtPath.Text) TotalSize = 0 '

Matplotlib, how to loop?

So I have this in Matplotlib.plt.scatter(X[: , 0:1][Y == 0], X[: , 2:3][Y==0])plt.scatter(X[: , 0:1][Y == 1], X[: , 2:3][Y==1])plt.scatter(X[: , 0:1][Y == 2], X[: , 2:3][Y==2])I'd like to know if there's a better way to loop instead of this:for i in ran