in hql scripts we use “!sh echo ---new line---” for the same . Want to know the alternative for this

in hql scripts we use "!sh echo ---new line---" for the same .Want to know the alternative for this in impala to print any line in impala scripts? 1:You can invoke the shell command line from impala scripts.As an example of how it works.script_impala

Unable to start Cassandra docker image on Win10 Home

I manually cassandra which works fine (Standalone). Now I am experimenting with installing cassandra using docker. I downloaded Cassandra image using command (following the steps on pull 3.11.4I am able to start t

Android SDK not working due to error (Plugin with id '' not found a

First question I foundSecond question I foundAs per the above questions already posted, although this question is related to the same error as in First question I found, I do believe my situation is different because I also found an issue related to the S

Activate missing Winforms controls in .Net Core 3.1 [closed]

Closed. This question needs details or clarity. It is not currently accepting answers.

matplotlib dataframe 2 column [dates, non-numerical-data] stacked bar chart defining attributes

Background:I have managed to create the following graph, but I have difficulty with some of the elementsDisclaimer:This graph below is what I want to achieve, however I would like integrate my questions into the graph If there is an alternative to obtaini

CASE expression returns wrong values during percentage calculation

I am currently working on a supermarket database design where I have to have retrieve the price of the product after discount. There are 2 types of discount: Direct Discount, Quantity Based Discount. The product will either have percentage discount (eg: 1

Running over Apache Reverse Proxy

I am trying to run NodeJS behind Apache and so far I am stuck with issue.I have no issue accessing the application directly, but whenever I accessed through my domain, I get this error thrown from can’t establish a connection t

Foreground service is killed in Android 10

In Android 10, some manufacturer comes with the new feature in a battery optimization setting (see the picture). My foreground service getting killed by OS after some time when the screen is off.I have used the foreground service with notification. This c

Service is not running in background when app is closed manually

My service is not running is background when started manually and the app closed. I want to start the service automatically when my app is closed. But in this example when I close the application it prints 'service created' then 'service destroyed' bu

How to run a function every minute comparing old number to new number?

I'd like to run a function every minute to achieve the following:Run function every minuteRun MySQL command to get countStore the count into a variableCompare the result to old result every minuteCreate an If statement if number is not same to previous n

Scipy. interpolate griddata cubic spline returning nan instead of values [duplicate]

This question already has an answer here: Scipy griddata with 'linear' and 'cubic' yields nan

How to persist data from the entity class and combined with data transfer object?

I'm working on an authentication feature and have run into an issue with persisting the data from the entity class. I'm able to access the password_hash and the username from the data transfer object but am not able to see the email, firstName, lastNa

Retaining entity in xslt stylesheet output without using character-map

Where did we go wrong?When I process this xml with xslt 2 on saxon he: Grab me and print me back using this stylesheet:

How to create cron jobs dynamically in firebase [duplicate]

This question already has an answer here: How to create cron jobs in firebase programmatically

Intersecting objects with a default object in JavaScript

I have an object with objects, which are basically settings per guild. In these objects are various configuration options that the admin of their guild can change.{ "1": { "foo": "Hello World", "bar": "Ello World", "roo": { "do

Python Roblox issue with buying limited items

So in roblox, I am trying to send a request to thier api to buy an item. Here is the code: def buyItem(self,itemid, cookie, price=None): info = self.getItemInfo(itemid) url="{}".format(info[

Why is it throwing an error even after migrations?

I'm trying to develop a website for an online store, and after creating and registering models, I don't know why, this error is thrown. What can I do? And also after running the migrate command, it is saying no migrations to apply. How can I do this?My

How to create a Spark data frame from Pandas data frame using snow flake and python?

I have a sql which is stored in a variable in python and we use SnowFlake database. First I have converted to Pandas Data frame using sql, but I need to convert to Spark Data frame and then store in a CreateorReplaceTempView. I tried: import pandas as

Scipy. interpolate griddata cubic spline returning nan instead of values [duplicate]

This question already has an answer here: Scipy griddata with 'linear' and 'cubic' yields nan

Is it possible to place two separators in string split() method?

Sorry for the lack of better title.Hopefully the explanation below help.Given the following string: f=' Sleep stage W\\x14\\x00+26070\\x1590\\x14 Sleep stage W\\x14\\x00+26070\\x1590\\x14 Movement time\\x14\\x00+28110\\x15120\\x14

rust pass box reference without move

Background:I'm writing a RDBMS in rustThe db.catalog maintain a hashmap from table_id to table:pub struct Catalog { table_id_table_map: HashMap,}And when I add a boxed table to the catalog, move occurred. Then I can't use table i

Can't delete S3 buckets - Error Data not found

I can't get rid of five buckets in S3. Every screen in the AWS console says "Error Data not found" (i.e. Overview, Properties, Permissions, Management, Access points). I can't set lifecycle rules to delete objects, but the buckets never had anything i

Finding the rendezvous structure of tracee (program being debugged)

I need debugger I am writing to give me the name of shared lib that program being debugged is linking with, or loading dynamically. I get the rendezvous structure as described in link.h, and answers to other questions, using DT_DEBUG, in the loop over _DY

Unable to load dynamic library 'php_wincache.dll' (updated question)

I have installed wincache. i followed the link and installed wincache.dll. the link is given below. Unable to load dynamic library 'php_wincache.dll'?Before installation the error was. "[03-Jun-2020 12:00:44 UTC] PHP Warning: PHP Startup: Unable to loa

Why is the generic value N not inferred from arguments in this case?

This question: TypeScript: Require that two arrays be the same length?Asks how to create a function that requires two arrays of the same length. Here's my attempt at a solution. type ArrayOfFixedLength = readonly T[] & {