PHP Permalinks.. how to change?

:I built an client website with php script purchased recently and the support for script is pathetic, I want the permalinks of the script to be search engine friendly but they're not. They have spaces inbetween which are not at all indexed by search engi

media foundation H264 decoder not working properly

:I'm creating an application for video conferencing using media foundation and I'm having an issue decoding the H264 video frames I receive over the network. The DesignCurrently my network source queues a token on every request sample, unless there is a

Write to .csv file with PHP (Commas in Data Error)

:I am working on a PHP statement that runs a query and then writes the data to a .csv file. The problem I am having is that some of the data I am receiving from the server has commas in the data which causes for the .csv file to enter data in the wrong pl

CAS 4 - Not able to retrieve the LDAP groups after successful authentication

:I have configured CAS 4 / Spring Security / Active Directory and able to authenticate successfully.But I have difficulty in to retrieve roles and later use that for authorisation.I have the roles available after the authentication in CAS but I want to pa

Running R's aov() mixed effects model from Python using rpy2

:First to see if rpy2 was working properly I ran a simple model (stats.lm):import pandas as pdfrom rpy2 import robjects as rofrom rpy2.robjects import pandas2ripandas2ri.activate()from rpy2.robjects.packages import importrstats = importr('stats')R = ro.

Spring Boot not autowiring @Repository

:I'm trying to configure a datasource with Spring Boot but I'm getting org.springframework.beans.factory.BeanCreationException: Error creating bean with name 'authenticationServiceImpl': Injection of autowired dependencies failed; nested exception is

What does the “id” field in an Android “Google Play Music” broadcast intent correspond to?

:I've got an android app that listens to music broadcasts. It receives track change notifications using the following ApplicationManifest.xml (snippet):

How to mutate multiple variables without repeating codes?

:I'm trying to create new variables from existing variables like below:a1+a2=a3, b1+b2=b3, ..., z1+z2=z3Here is an example data framedf <- data.frame(replicate(10,sample(1:10)))colnames(df) <- c("a1","a2","b1","b2","c1","c2","d1","d2","e

Creating random wired topology for given arbitrary number of nodes on NS2

:I want to create and simulate a wired topology using NS2. Trying to write a tcl and positioning the nodes and links using rand() .My solution was:### Create a simulator objectset ns [new Simulator]set num_node 10set num_flow 5set x_dim 150set y_dim 150##

Access to a Matlab gui from the web

:Is there a way to place a matlab gui I have on a website, such that users could use or play with, similar to java applets etc? Would I need to compile it differently in some sense? 1:MATLAB Compiler allows you to create a standalone exe which can be c

Simple stitching in c++ using opencv

:I want to transfer simple stitching code program from python to c++. I am beginner and I cannot find this function for c++. The python code is here:import cv2import numpy as npdef find_overlap_start(left_img, right_img): assert left_img.shape == right

No OpKernel was registered to support Op 'Conv2D' with these attrs

:new to this may be something dumb but cant get conv2d to runwindows 10anaconda 4.2.13python 3.5.2 C:\windows\system32>nvcc --versionnvcc: NVIDIA (R) Cuda compiler driverCopyright (c) 2005-2016 NVIDIA CorporationBuilt on Sat_Sep__3_19:05:48_CDT_2016Cuda

convert json to excel in java

:I have to convert very complex json file to json file is something like that:{"expand": "schema,names","startAt": 2,"maxResults": 120,"total": 36,"issues": [ { "expand": "editmeta,renderedFields,transitions,changelog,ope

Create/delete users from text file using Bash script

:I know this question has been asked a lot but I just can't seem to get it working and I'm kinda on the clock, okay so.I'm trying to make a bash script with a 4 option menu:1 Add single user2 Add from list3 Delete single user4 Delete from listAdding an

ReferenceError: TextEncoder is not defined

:I'm writing a simple addon in Firefox - 24, on Linux.I get the error:ReferenceError: TextEncoder is not definedwhen I do: var encoder = new TextEncoder();the function I'm using is:function write_text(filename, text) { var encoder = new TextEncoder()

How to handle a codeigniter PDF generator

:In the view page "ShowInformation.php" I have the code something like this including the omit css style code and other stuff?php foreach ($preUser as $value): ?>Citizen ID : ?php echo $value->cid;?>First Name : ?php echo $value->name;?

ARKit code issue {unknown error -1=ffffffffffffffff error: Task failed with exit 1}

:I want to learn ARKit. I got apple's sample code and other sample codes in github.There is a error, Xcode reports: /Users/.../ARKitBasics-brwextbgckvaokheuvfoqkacalvx/Build/Products/Debug-iphoneos/ unknow

Error: Can't resolve './app/app.module.ngfactory' in 'C:\\projects\\Project-

:When I Create Build for my angular 5 Application I am getting the below error.its working fine when I create buildng build it's showing error when I create buildproductionttionng build --prodi am not using the ngfactory anywhere in my application. ERRO

JavaScript RegExp Replace

:Not sure where I am doing wrong. I have a string such as Test (123x) and I am trying to find the (123x) and replace it with nothing:Here is my code var original = "Test (1x)"; var newString = original.replace(new

Time Complexity of Fibonacci Algorithm [duplicate]

: This question already has an answer here: Computational complexity of Fibonacci Sequence 12 answers So, i've got a recursive method in Java for getting the 'n'th fibonacc

XSLT Transformation to validate rules in XML document

:Another Newbie question in XSLT transformation. (I have asked similar question before, but in this case the XML has different formats).I've a xml document that I need to do bunch of validations using xslt. This will be done using the xsltproc tool.

How to check if object is null in Java?

:What is the best way to check if a position is occupied or not? I don't think I should be using "this==null"...class Cell { int column; int row; char letter; public Cell(int column, int row, char letter) { super(); this.colum