How to setstate in a loop?

i am getting error at this.setState({ Url: }); in GETAPI TypeError: Cannot read property 'setState' of undefined.. Please suggest. The GETAPI is basically used to render the data from the API. My use-case is to store all the URLs in state

wrong number or types of arguments in call to P_AA

When I try to compile the procedure with collection type as in parameter, I'm getting the error like wrong number or types of arguments in call to 'P_AA'-------Procedure created with in parameter as nested table------------create or replace procedure

Persistent bottom sheet form data

I have one form on a bottom sheet. It's opened on click of one button. It can be closed when the user clicks outside the form. I want to maintain the form data if the user reopens the form. I don't want to assign each form field value explicitly. Is the

How to load a class from .cs file and use it in code

I want to load a class form a .cs file and use it in another code.Assume I have a .cs file which contains code like that://some importspublic class Commands{ //a lot of commands}What I am trying is to load this class from a file using CSharpCodeProvid

Is it possible to have more than one foreign key in a normalised database schema?

Address (addressID, houseNumber, postcode, roadName, city, county) Reservation (reservationID, roomNo, leadGuestID, guest2ID, guest3ID,  arrivalDate, departureDate, addressID, amountOutstanding) Guest (guestID, firstName, lastName, adultFlag, telephone

How to make top navigation drawer with flutter?

I'm trying to open a navigation drawer like bottom sheet, on appBar button click . I browsed it for but couldn't get any solution.See below image:The Code I was trying: return Scaffold( backgroundColor: Colors.transparent, body: Container(

Maven java project in Intellij IDEA 2019.3, JDK 11.0.3: Cannot resolve symbol 'java' but s

What I have: - Intellij IDEA 2019.3, bundled JDK 11.0.3 - A Maven project with project JDK: the bundled JDKMy problem: For any java. imports I get the error Cannot resolve symbol ... but I can still compile correctly.I'm totally aware that a lot of peo

Unable to install ROS Melodic on Ubuntu 20.04

I am trying to install ROS Melodic on Ubuntu 20.04 using these commands sudo sh -c 'echo "deb $(lsb_release -sc) main" > /etc/apt/sources.list.d/ros-latest.list'sudo apt-key adv --keyserver 'hkp://keyserver.ubuntu.c

Mocking two S3 API calls in the same AWS Lambda function using Jest

I'm trying to mock two S3 calls in the same Lambda function but seem to be getting Access Denied errors so this leads me to believe the S3 calls are not being mocked. The syntax I'm currently using works when mocking just one S3 call in the function but

Insert picture corresponding to cell value using excel macro

I'm using the macro below to insert the picture corresponding to the value in Cell P2 into cell Q2.This works for the one cell selected (P2 in this case).I want to create a loop to do the same action for the rows in Column P range (P2:P500) that are not

Display multiple checkbox in table format using and in Vuetify?

I'm using theVuetifyJs for VueJS and I'm trying to display checkbox in table format from an array of objects.Desired Output shown below :When 'All Users' is checked all the checkboxes should be checked. I created a row layout and divided this row into

Implementing array elements in Selenium

Post My previous question in Printing array elements in Selenium IDEI tried to print the array elements in text box the command is as follows:while sending the values of vehicles to iterator so that I can further enter the values as ${KEY_ENTER}with the a

Mapping multiple values for x-amazon-apigateway-integration.requestParameters for a single key?

I'm trying to create a new API on Amazon API gateway but for my use-case I want to concatenate 2 values for a single key in request parameters. How can we specify multiple values for a single key in integration.requestParameters?This is what I'm trying

Incomplete response received from application in Node Js and Mongoose

I installed my api rest in my hosting using cPanel. The routes work perfect and the db is connected. The problem is when I need to use any mongoose method, i.e. model.find({}), the response is Incomplete response received from applicationFor other route

How do I compile a userspace application for a particular Linux kernel?

I have a Linux kernel source. I am building Linux kernel image from that source. Now, I have a userspace application. How do I compile the userspace application for that particular Linux kernel source? 来源:

powershell script adjustment for desired result

Good day,I need your help again. With the following script:$data = Import-Csv .\input.txt -delimiter ";" -Header (1..20)1..9 | %{$data[0].($_+10) = $data[$_].10}($data[0] | convertto-csv -delimiter ";" -NoType | select -skip 1) -replace '"' | out-

Azure AD B2C: Clients must send a client_secret when redeeming a confidential grant

I try to setup authentification for an Angular app using authorization code and Azure AD B2C (oidc-client on client side), but I'm getting these errors from Angular:After looking in B2C audit logs, I found this error message: Clients must send a client_

URL Scheme to open Chrome/Firefox (Android OS) from Facebook post

We've a web page that needs to be open in Chrome/Firefox on Android to fully display the content. But when we post the link on Facebook, it always opens the links with its own web browser.So we're checking if there is a way to force opening the link in

Overriding Self-Signed SSL Certificate Warnings with Electron

There are two prior questions leading to this question (if you're interested):ssl-for-intranet-applications-deployed-at-multiple-companiesdistributing-ssl-certificates-to-all-browsers-in-an-active-directory-environmentIn Electron, do you have the ability

FLTK Getting value from input on button release

I've done some tutorials and can get some things to print when I press a button but I cannot figure out how to store a value that is inserted into an input widget buy the user into a variable for me to use. I'm new to C++ and FLTK so I'm not sure if th

Remove extra nesting when converting XML to Java object using JAXB

I am trying to convert the following XML(1) to java object (2). I want the output to be (2a). But I am noticing that there is more indentation that useful. My classes are (3), (4), (5).Is there a way without manually mapping the object ?I am following t

Clang unable to link files in VS Code

I recently started learning C++, and I'm currently trying to test out the header file functionality. I wrote three simple files:headertest.h:#pragma onceclass Cube{public: double getVolume(); double getSurfaceArea(); void setLength(double length);priv

The RefreshCache method not returning the complete list of tokenGroups

I have created 2400 security groups and made a user member of all these security groups. Now I am trying to fetch all the security groups the user is member of using the DirectoryEntry.RefreshCache method. The method returns only 2050 groups.$searcher = N

Plotting in ggplot using cumsum

I am trying to use ggplot2 to plot a date column vs. a numeric column. I have a dataframe that I am trying to manipulate with country as either china or not china, and successfully created the dataframe linked below with:is_china <- confirmed_cases_worldw

Leaderboard rankings on large collections

The use case:We've got 500 million players of a videogame in a MongoDB collection playerProfiles. Each document has several properties like wins or kills. Now we'd like to create a leaderboard for these properties so that we can figure out each player'