Laravel - Repopulate checkbox to ticked or unticked


In Laravel, if validation failed, it goes back to a same form page. How to repopulate a checkbox to ticked or unticked?

By default, it should be unticked when loading on the page for the first time.

{{ Form::checkbox('custom_address', false, Input::old('custom_address'), array('class' => 'test')); }}


You need to set a value for your checkbox, otherwise the Input class will always have it empty / unchecked.

Give the checkbox a value of 1, then it should work.

{{ Form::checkbox('custom_address', 1, Input::old('custom_address'), array('class' => 'test')); }}


just use a conditional.

@if(!empty(Input::old('custom_adress'))) {{ Form::checkbox('custom_address', true, Input::old('custom_address'), array('class' => 'test')); }} @else {{ Form::checkbox('custom_address', false, Input::old('custom_address'), array('class' => 'test')); }} @endif


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