Store procedure to copy a table to two anoter table


I want to copy a table in to two different tables for this I have written following procedure. I want to concate temp1 table's fname and lname and want to put in another table atom with a string value 'Person'. After inserting the value at table atom I want inserted id and with this inserted id(g_id) insert data to new table user.

DELIMITER // CREATE PROCEDURE cpy() BEGIN insert into atom values(name,type) select concat(temp1.fname,temp.lname), 'Person' from temp1; SET g_id= LAST_INSERT_ID(); insert into user(id,mobno,password,fname,lname,mailid,dob,gender) select g_id,mobno,password,fname,lname,mailid,dob,gender from temp1; END // DELIMITER ;

This code is not working shoiwng error

ERROR 1064 (42000): You have an error in your SQL syntax; check the manual that corresponds to your MySQL server version for the right syntax to use near 'selec t temp1.fname, 'Person' from temp1; SET g_id= LAST_INSERT_ID(); insert int' at line 3



<pre class="lang-sql prettyprint-override">DELIMITER // CREATE PROCEDURE cpy() BEGIN DECLARE g_id INT; insert into atom /*values*/ (name,type) select concat(temp1.fname,temp.lname), 'Person' from temp1; SET g_id = LAST_INSERT_ID(); insert into user (id,mobno,password,fname,lname,mailid,dob,gender) select g_id,mobno,password,fname,lname,mailid,dob,gender from temp1; END// DELIMITER ;


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