How can i write a more complex regexp in java?


id like to do the following rules:

Not begining with space " ", not more than one "." , not begining with "." not end with "." not ? / \ : ; in the file.

public static void Invalid(String[] filename){ for(String s: filename){ String u = s; try { u = new String(s.getBytes(), "UTF-8"); System.out.println(u); } catch (Exception e) { e.printStackTrace(); } u=u.replaceAll("[.$]", " ");//.{2,}\\? u = u.replaceAll("\\s+", "_"); System.out.println(s + " = " + u); } }

in main just simple:

String[] name={"some?thing..txt."}; Invalid(name);


some?thing..txt. some?thing..txt. = some_thing_txt_

how can i do that?


You can use this pattern to validate the filename:

^[^?/\\\\;: .][^?/\\\\;:.]*(?:\\.[^?/\\\\;:.]+)?$

Note: if you want to allow the empty string, add |^$ at the end.

Not sure what you exactly want to do with invalid filenames.


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