Error invalid binary from itunes connect?


I have submitter my universal application .app file to iTunes connect and it shows 'Invalid Binary' status and i got a mail from apple. The mail content is

"Invalid Binary Architecture - iOS 3.0 introduced support for multiple binary architectures. If your binary is built for multiple architectures, your Info.plist must have a MinimumOSVersion key with a value of at least 3.0. Additionally, if your app is intended to support earlier iPhone and iPod touch models, your app must contain at least an armv6 binary; "thin" armv7-only binaries will not be accepted unless the armv7 required device capability is also present in the Info.plist UIRequiredDeviceCapabilities key or the MinimumOSVersion key has a value of 4.3 or higher.".

This is first time for me to submitting app to app store. How help me to solve this problem? What can i to do this? I can't understand the actual meaning of the mail content. Please help me.


You need to either add armv6 to your Target Build Settings Architectures, or set the minimum OS Deployment Target to 4.3


In your Xcode project, what architectures and iOS version are you building for? It sounds like you have the supported iOS setting set to 3.x, but the architecture set to armv7.

The simplest way to fix this, I'm imagining, is to set the supported SDK to something later than 4.x. I target 4.2, which seems to be generally safe.


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