replot command uses latest stats information


I have two data files, file1.dat and file2.dat. I use following commands to draw two functions.

stats 'file1.dat' u 4:7 plot 'file1.dat' u 4:($7-STATS_min_y) stats 'file2.dat' u 4:7 replot 'file2.dat' u 4:($7-STATS_min_y)

Problem is that the replot command uses the min_y of file2 and applies to file1.dat once again. How can I handle this? Many thanks.


The replot command repeats the previous plot command and adds a new plot. If one variable (STATS_min_y) is used in both commands, the same value is used. You can use e.g. the name parameter for the stats command to save the values in different variables:

stats 'file1.dat' u 4:7 name 'F1_' plot 'file1.dat' u 4:($7 - F1_min_y) stats 'file2.dat' u 4:7 name 'F2_' replot 'file2.dat' u 4:($7 - F2_min_y)

In that case you could of course also use a single plot command:

stats 'file1.dat' u 4:7 name 'F1_' stats 'file2.dat' u 4:7 name 'F2_' plot 'file1.dat' u 4:($7 - F1_min_y), 'file2.dat' u 4:($7 - F2_min_y)


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