Exception Using PayPal-PHP-SDK [Http response code 400]

:I'm following a tutorial about how to use PayPal-PHP-SDK and i got stuck in somewhere with this error in the console:[Sun Mar 08 16:11:21.729977 2015] [:error] [pid 4484:tid 1760] [client ::1:4308] PHP Fatal error: Uncaught exception 'PayPal\\Except

hooking another program's calls to winapi functions in vb.net

:I have been trying to build a game bot in vb.net. One of the main problems is getting access to the text the game prints on the screen so I have been trying to hook the games calls to the windows api drawtext and textout functions. I have been hunting

Java 8, Drools 5.x and Drools 7.x

:I am using Drools 5.x (drools-compiler 5.2.1.Final, drools-decisiontables 5.4.0.Final, and drools-templates 5.4.0.Final; jbpm-flow 5.1.1.Final, jbpm-bmpn2 5.1.1.Final and with their respective dependencies) for my Java job, I build/run it with Java 1.7.0

What is the name of the design pattern used in method chaining in jQuery? [closed]

:I want to know what is the name of the design pattern behind method chaining in jQuery? 1:According to this post https://softwareengineering.stackexchange.com/questions/137999/what-is-the-pattern-name-for-using-method-chaining-to-build-an-object, it'

Postgres pgAdmin III Access to Database Denied

:I get the following error when attempting to connect to the Postgres instance on my server. Access to database deniedThe server doesn't grant access to the database: the server reports FATAL: no pg_hba.conf entry for host "fe80::2d93:af94:879c:4fa%12"

Where can I find a list of PEAR DB error codes?

:I'm trying to establish a connection to a mysql database using PEAR DB. It's throwing the following error at me: DB_Error Object ( [error_message_prefix] => [mode] => 1 [level] => 1024 [code] => -4 [message] => DB Error: not found [userinfo] => U

ASP.NET - Setting CssClass of a CheckBox

:The following code((CheckBox)e.Row.FindControl("exportCb")).CssClass = "enabledExport";Creates html

setup relation for 1 to 1 with entity framework

:How do I have to setup the modelbuilder for the ContactId?A CountryCompanyAssignment has a relation to a Contact.When I delete the CountryCompanyAssignment I do not want that the contact is lost.When I create a CountryCompanyAssignment then I also need a

Converting PCRE to POSIX regular expression

:I am working on a MySQL database and noticed that it doesn't natively support PCRE (requires a plugin).I wish to use these three for some data validation (these are actually the values given to the pattern attribute):^[A-z\. ]{3,36}^[a-z\d\.]{3,24}$^

Asp.net web form based website shows error - ASP.NET Ajax client-side framework failed to load

:While checking website today which is developed using asp.net webform(.net 4.0) around 2014 showed design breaks after checking I noticed that there are some error in the console.Not sure why this error suddenly started to show today, could it be due to

Can't really understand children() in simpleXML

:I am working on a simple opencalais project and i needed my program to dynamically realize the categories children count.I was going to write a separate function which would handle teh subchildren if they occured like they have in the example. ( multiple

How do you completely close an SQLConnection string in vb.net?

:I'm running a multithreaded application that connects to a database, the connections are closed when I'm done with them (and I dispose of all the threads). I've tried clearing the connection pools, setting pooling=false and I've used both .dispose a

Cant get the image to show in Umbraco7 with razor

:I have used the media picker as data type for the type, for which the user is going to choose what image they want as the deal image.But for some reason i can't get the razor syntax to show the image. If I make an If statement to check if the page conta

Developing scala spark app that connect to azure CosmosDB

:Im working on developing scala spark app that connect to cosmosDB and can't resolve dependency within SBT. Whenever I include org.apache.spark it conflict with azure-cosmosdb-spark and if I take out org.apache.spark I can't get spark sparkSession to r

Table text gets extra spacing after running through word automation services

:I'm generating a document from a bunch of template documents and in addition I'm adding some tables as html altChunks (because it's a lot easier than trying to create a table with OpenXML). This all worked fine and gave me the result I wanted. But, be

How to prevent the typing of special characters like “~” modifying the next keyboard input?

:When I type in "^" it is highlighted and waits for the next keyboard input such that if available, the next input is accented with it. For example typing in "^" and then "a" would result in "â" instead of "^a". How do I prevent this from happen

No FileSystem for scheme: hdfs

:i have the following error when i'm running my Storm Topology that contains an Hbase Bolt.java.io.IOException: No FileSystem for scheme: hdfsat org.apache.hadoop.fs.FileSystem.getFileSystemClass(FileSystem.java:2298) ~[hadoop-common-2.0.0-cdh4.7.0.jar:n

Polymer Load Product Page data from JSON

:Working with an e-commerce store application with polymerI'm loading products array using polymer core-ajax and using core-animated pages to display product thumbnail and product detail page (full view) but I only wanted to load the product details when

Pandas data frame filter by list values - most efficient

:I have following pandas data frame that I have build: dark Mystery adult crime action comedy cartoon winter snow skiing0001 0.00 0.000 0.000 0.00 0.00 0.000 0.00 0.56 0.65 0.7890004 0.89 0.678 -0.423 0.12 0.0

OSMnx Add Title to Graph Plot

:I'm using the wonderful OSMnx library created by Geoff Boeing. I am plotting a street network based on one of his tutorials. Everything works perfectly. However, I would like to plot more than 40 graphs, using different centralities. Therefore, I would

Passing message from one listener to another

:I'm developing an extension for Chrome, and here's the workflow I'm trying to achieve:popup sends message -> content script 1 listens -> content script 1 sends message -> content script 2 listens -> content script 2 performs actionIn concept it's fin

Installing a x.509 Certificate on IIS in DiscountASP

:All the tutorials i have seen regarding installation of x.509 Certificate assumes that the server machine is your local machine and you have full access to it. But my app is hosted on DiscountASP, so how can I install the certificate on their machine ?

How to exclude unnecessary requests from JMeter log file in NonGUI mode

:I am running JMeter 4.0 r1823414.In my test suite, I have the following structure:When I run this TestPlan in non gui mode with the following command:.\jmeter -t $testplan -l $testlog -e -o $reportFolderI get a CSV file with all debug steps and requests

WPF Development in Visual Studio Tools for Applications

:It is possible to do WPF development (MVC, or MVVM) in Visual Studio Tools for Applications 2012. I am trying to find the templates but they are not here. First day in a new place and I've never used this version before.Any feedback would be great.Cheer

Own SuperGlobal Variable in PHP?

:I was reading something about SuplerGlobals like $_SERVER or (see more detail PHP Manual Superglobals) the other day, now, I'm asking me:Is it possible to implement own SuperGlobals? Beside of Constants...So for example user A writes something in the Va