jQuery - Grouping multiple elements with the same class


I have a bunch of elements that all belong to a section of a certain number.

<div class="section-1"></div> <div class="section-1"></div> <div class="section-2"></div> <div class="section-2"></div> <div class="section-2"></div> <div class="section-3"></div> <div class="section-4"></div> <div class="section-4"></div> ...

I want to wrap each group of the same section elements with a parent element, even sections that occur only once.

This is a quick and working, but very dirty solution that I came up with:

$('.section-1').wrapAll('<div class="parent-section">'); $('.section-2').wrapAll('<div class="parent-section">'); $('.section-3').wrapAll('<div class="parent-section">'); $('.section-4').wrapAll('<div class="parent-section">'); $('.section-5').wrapAll('<div class="parent-section">'); $('.section-6').wrapAll('<div class="parent-section">');

I tried to come up with a slightly more elegant solution by using each()

$('.section-1,' + '.section-2,' + '.section-3,' + '.section-4,' + '.section-5,' + '.section-6').each(function () { $(this).wrapAll('<div class="parent-section">'); });

But then I realised that this will wrap each individual occurrence of every class name and not wrap them as a group.

On top of that, while currently there are only 6 sections, there might be more in the future (7, 8, 9, 10, 11 etc.), so it would be great if the function could work with any number of sections.

Any help is much appreciated.


<a href="https://jsfiddle.net/yje5frds/1/" rel="nofollow">You may try this</a>:

// Get all the classes var classes = $('[class^=section]').map(function() { return $(this).attr('class'); }); // Filter only unique ones var uniqueClasses = $.unique(classes); // Now group them $(uniqueClasses).each(function(i, v) { $('.'+v).wrapAll('<div class ="parent-'+v+'"></div>'); });

In this example, each group will be inside a parent div with class name parent-section-1, parent-section-2 and so.


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