Can I have a function/method passing an argument by reference and an overload passing it by value in


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In C# this is certainly possible, as this compilable example can show:

static void Teste(int x) { } static void Teste(ref int x) { } static void Teste() { int i = 0; Teste(i); Teste(ref i); }

<br /> But can it be done in C++(/CLI) with a constructor? See the example below:

class Foo { Foo(int bar) { // initializing "Foo" instance... } Foo(int &bar) { // initializing "Foo" instance... } //... }

Although this class does compile with these constructors I can't see how to choose when I apply one are the other, that is, the call is ambiguos, as there is no keyword I know for this purpose as "ref" in C#. I tried it in a constructor, where the name must be the same as the class (of course I can add a useless parameter, but I want to know if I can <strong>not</strong> do it).

BTW, I googled and only got things like "what's the difference between passing by ref and by value?" but nothing covering overloading like this. And I guess that as workarounds I can use pointer, thanks to the "take the address of" (&); or have, as mentioned above, an extra useless parameter. But what I want to know is: can I have overloads like these (by ref/by value)?

Thanks in advance,


You can accomplish something similar in C++ by providing an explicit cast to the desired type.

struct Foo { Foo(int /*bar*/) {} Foo(int &/*bar*/) {} }; int main() { int value = 5; Foo foo(static_cast<const int&>(value)); return 0; }

The cast to const will cause overload resolution to ignore the constructor taking a non-const reference and will settle on passing by value.


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