Image files sync in Azure Mobile Apps for Android


Sorry if this question does not contain any code. I am building an Android app using Azure Mobile Apps. I am successfully following the sample with <a href="https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/azure/app-service-mobile/app-service-mobile-android-get-started-offline-data" rel="nofollow">the TodoList </a>. The sample describes the case for data sync, but what if I want to add support for images sync? Do I have to save the image files as blob inside the database? Do I treat files as any other record in the db, or is there a better way? Do I have to use a service other than "Mobile Apps"?

I've also read the following instructions about image sync, but they don't seem to target Android:

<a href="https://azure.microsoft.com/en-us/resources/samples/app-service-mobile-dotnet-todo-list-files/" rel="nofollow">Azure Mobile Apps - structured data sync with files</a>



I've also read the following instructions about image sync, but they don't seem to target Android:


The assemblies used for file sync is a prerelease version. I suggest you implement the file sync feature for your Android device by yourself currently. To implement the sync feature, I suggest you create a table to store the file log. The table definition should be like this.

+-------------------+ | Column Name | +-------------------+ | File name | | Operation type | | Modified date | +-------------------+

After created or deleted the file on your device, we need to add a log record to the file log table. To sync the files, we need to compare the differences between local data and remote data on this table to sync the files.


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