Append to current div element in a while loop only

Good day everyone,

I have the following code structure. This code structure loads a page with different post subject and content on it. For each loaded post, a user can leave a comment. Have a look at the following code:

<?php $getposts = "SELECT * FROM posts"; if ($result = $con->query($getposts)) { while ($row1 = $result->fetch_assoc()) { $id = $row1['id']; $subject = $row1['sub']; $content = $row1['body']; $comments = $row1['comments']; echo" <div class='content_wrap'> <div class='subject'>$subject</div> <div class='content'>$content</div> <div class='comment'>$comments</div> </div> "; ?> <form id='reply' autocomplete="off"> <input type="hidden" value="<?php echo $id;?>" name="id" id="pid"/> <input type="text" name="comment" id="comment" placeholder="Type a commmment here..."></input> </form> <?php } } ?> <script type="text/javascript"> $('form').submit(function () { var comment = $(this).find('input[name=comment]').val(); var id = $(this).find('input[name=id]').val(); $.post("comments_ins.php", { pub_id: id, comment: comment}); $(this).parent().children('.content_wrap').append("<div class='comment'" + comment + "</div"); var comment = $(this).find('input[name=comment]').val(''); return false; }); </script>

All of the above codes I currently have in one page...and the file is a php file type.

Notice that there is a form generated for each loaded post on the page according to the while loop. The code above works about 90 percent correct. But one thing I don't seem to get right. I want that when a user leaves a comment, that the comment displays on the page for that post only....nut all of the loaded posts on the page. So, if a user types a first comment, it is visible, and, if the user types another comment on to that same post, the new comment falls under the previous comment posted....and is visible ....so that it appends to a div element each time a user types a comment.

How do I go about accomplishing this?

If you look at my javascript above, I made an attempt but it did not work for me.

Guidance would be appreciated. Thanks


try appending an ID to your divs so you can locate them more easily

$id = $row1['id']; $subject = $row1['sub']; $content = $row1['body']; $comments = $row1['comments']; echo" <div class='content_wrap'> <div class='subject' id=subject_$id>$subject</div> <div class='content' id=content_$id>$content</div> <div class='comment' id=comment_$id>$comments</div> </div> ";

This should let you append to only the div you want it on.


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