Swift Optional Dictionary [String: String?] unwrapping error

:So here I have a basic setupvar preferenceSpecification = [String : String?]()preferenceSpecification["Key"] = "Some Key"preferenceSpecification["Some Key"] = nilpreferenceSpecification["DefaultValue"] = "Some DefaultValue"print(preferenceSpeci

MPPlayableContentManagerContext error in Xcode 6.4

:I was working with a iOS project and Xcode 6.3.2 and the project was compiling and running perfect, but Today I have updated to Xcode 6.4 and now I can't compily the project because "MPPlayableContentManagerContext" from MediaPlayer framework are fail

Why repeatingAlarm only runs for 1 time only

:I am working on repeating alarm . problem is that my repeat alarm only runs for one time only on set time but not repeat on that time next day. If it is 5/28/2015 and time is 1:40PM and I set alarm to 8:30am with repeating mode then it should repeat ever

Displaying unique transactions in Ruby on Rails

:Currently there are multiple transactions with the same txnid. But for each transaction the payment mode is credit card, debit card or net banking.If the customer has to pay $3000 he might pay that $3000 like $1000 with Credit card, $1000 with Debit Card

recursive function lisp return list

:I know this is a newbie question I apologize in advance. I'm writing a recursive function which returns the number of 'o in a given list (defun garde-o (liste) (cond ((not liste) 0) ((equal (car liste) 'o) (+ 1 (garde-o(cdr liste)))

Gulp with “NPM start” causes a blank page with the text: Cannot GET / when testing Locally

:I've been following this tutorial Angular2, Bootstrap, Yeoman, Gulp, tutorial and I get up to the frontend task section, but then something happens when I try to test the code locally.Whenever I use npm start I run the following code, but end up getting

android espresso : total count of elements with samerid not in adapter view

:I am trying to get the count of elements with same ridThe solutions here How to get count of items with same ids which are not in adapter view is not helping me. static int counter = 0;public static Matcher withIdAndDisplayed(final int id) { Che

loading of iis website too slow while debugging from visual studio 2008

:I'm debugging a asp.net website in visual studio 2008. When I visit the website through browser (at the usual http://localhost:56789), the pages load too slow. It looks almost as if there is a single socket/connection loading all the required pages/scri

Passing user input in Shiny to a URL query string

:I have a question that I'm having trouble getting to work. I have a Shiny app that I want to accept two user input, send it back from ui.R to server.R, and insert that as a variable into a URL query string to download the file from a database. At first,

Knockout: Add items into nested json hierarchy

:I would like to know how to add items within a nested hierarchy. I was able to do it when I was not using the mapping plugin, but only in the top level. Here's the Fiddle: https://jsfiddle.net/kyr6w2x3/3/

Nested click in jQuery

:I have a DIV that when click on it, it will add another DIV inside itself. Then if I click the newly added DIV it will remove it.HTMLjQuery$('#container').on('click', function(e){ // Add other DIV $( this ).append('

rendering YUV ffmpeg frames in Android native ndk

:Can we render YUV frames from ffmpeg streaming output(AV_PIX_FMT_YUV420P) directly in Android screen without converting to RGB format? 1:I've had some experience with Google WebRTC open source project recently.It provide a fully packaged video call e

RESTHeart issue with filters

:I've been using RESTHeart on top of mongodb to have crud support with Mongodb's REST interface. Its working fine when I'm not using any filter, however when I tried to apply filter with the HTTP GET request as provided in the documentation I got error

Sharing Redis Sessions Across Node Apps

:I'm busy building a platform with 3 different subdomains - example.com, auth.example.com and api.example.com. They're run with 3 separate NodeJS apps running on different ports of the server.Here is the code setting up the sessions:var session = requir

How to increase image size based on table contents using html?

:I have Created one table.Again I create one table but table created at inside of the first table.First table : I added one image.second table : I write some content.content is large so second table increase but first table and images not increased.so ho

Authorization Header appended only once in AJAX CORS request

:I'm calling my RESTful API from Javascript in a CORS scenario.I'm using JQuery to send my POST authenticated request.Here is an example:function post(settings, addAccessToken) { settings.type = 'POST'; settings.cache = false; if

Automatic code simplification via refactoring [closed]

:Is there a tool for automatic java code simplification via refactoring?There are such tools for Python and C:Automatically simplifying/refactoring Python code (e.g. for loops -> list comprehension)?Is there a tool to test the conciseness of c program?) b

TensorFlow learning rate decay - how to properly supply the step number for decay?

:I am training my deep network in TensorFlow and I am trying to use a learning rate decay with it. As far as I see I should use train.exponential_decay function for that - it will calculate the proper learning rate value for current training step using va

Scrapy - offsite request to be processed based on a regex

:I have to crawl 5-6 domains. I wanted to write a the crawler as such that the offsite requests if contains a some substrings example set as [ aaa,bbb,ccc]if the offsite url contain a substring from the above set then it should be processed and not filte

Azure CDN file download statistics

:How do I see file download statistics with Azure CDN and/or get statistics using a .NET program? I want to put a file in Azure CDN and see how many times the file was downloaded, more details like country of downloaders etc would be nice too. 1:I don

Operation on multiple zoo object with data frame

:I have two time series (zoo) objects and a data framez1z1 <- structure(c(400L, 125L, 125L, 125L, 120L,400L, 125L, 125L, 125L, 120L,400L, 125L, 125L, 125L, 120L,400L, 125L, 125L, 125L, 120L), .Dim = c(5L, 4L), .Dimnames = list(NULL, c("T1", "T2", "T3

Is there a way to draw a Point on a Polar Chart [closed]

:I want to add a colored point (red or green) on every "crossing" between the rings and segment lines. Is there a simpler way than making 240 Series which just have two datapoints? 1:1 - There is no need to create different Series. Just add the DataP

Asp.Net Chart Control - Truncated Values on X Axis

:Man I'm really stuck. I've been trying to get through this for nothing less than a week.I'm plotting a horizontal bar chart, a simple (Y) Hours vs (X) Avg. Rate.The number of hours is fixed, I must always show from 0h to 23h, in order to maintan its r

Passing array php into json gives undefined

:I want to pass a JSON from php to js.This is my php file : public function upload() { $record = 0; if (!empty($_FILES)) { $config['upload_path'] = "./assets/uploads"; $config['allowed_types'] = 'csv'; $this->load->libra

Print labels via a redirected printer

My task is to print labels via a thermal printer. To this purpose a string of tspl(programming language that the printer understands) commands is generated and sent to the printer. The latter is done in with the following method taken from the micros